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High-Tech Promotional Products

In this new digital age, technology has become more prevalent than ever. As a consequence, more people have access to devices and are finding use in a new type of product. Tech accessories are a great promotional item, because you can ensure that everyone who receives one can find some use from them. We offer a wide variety of promotional tech products, including power banks, wireless speakers, stylus pens and much more. These personalized tech products are a great way to build a strong bond between your business and customers.

Custom Tech Products

At PenFactory, we carry a wide selection of promotional tech gadgets for you to customize, all of them available at unbeatable prices. In addition to styluses and stylus-pen combinations, we carry earphones, cell phone stands, and other great technical gadgets.

All of our promotional tech gadgets are fully customizable, so you can represent your business or organization in a hip, tech-savvy way. Many of these products offer full-color printing, which really makes your logo stand out.

We offer several phone stands, many of which are multi-functional, and all of which are customizable. Customers will see your brand or organization name every time they use these stands to support their phones. Phone stands already start at low prices, but the more you buy, the more money you save.

Other promotional tech gadgets from PenFactory include earbuds, which are available in several styles. Promotional earbuds with a case are available at our great low prices. Retractable earbuds keep cords from getting tangled, and they are typically less than $4 each. All varieties of earbuds are customizable.

Custom USB car chargers and power banks allow your customers to stay powered up while on the go. Our USB power bank also includes a handy LED flashlight. Another useful gadget is the Mobile Audio Splitter, which allows two people to listen to the same device, and doubles as a phone stand. All of these gadgets are available at great low prices!

Finally, we carry a wide variety of touch-screen styluses, many of which also work as ink pens. Stylus pens start at low prices and get even lower the more you buy, making them an affordable promotional item for tech-savvy customers. These pens offer everything a promotional ink pen offers, and much more.

In addition to functioning as both styluses and ink pens, many of these styluses have other great features. We offer several stylus-pens that also function as a flashlight. Another stylus-pen offers four different ink colors. Every stylus-pen is customizable, and some allow you to use full-color logos and graphics. These gadgets won’t break the bank, and customers will love using them with their touch-screen phones and devices.