Custom BIC Pens

Bic® has been a trusted name in writing utensils for generations. While you can go and pick up a pack at a nearby store, so people want the reliability of the name with some personal touches of their own. With our selection of Bic® products, not only can you choose from classic builds, colors and features, but you can make these pens your own with our personalization options. Add your branding, favorite slogan, event info and other ideas to customize your very own Bic® pens.

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BIC® PrevaGuard Round Stic® Pen


BIC® PrevaGuard Clic Stic® Pen


Widebody Black Grip Pen


BIC 4 Ink Color Promotional Pen


WideBody Red Pen


Wide Body Color Grip Pen


WideBody Blue Pen


WideBody Black Pen


WideBody Value Pen


WideBody Clear Grip Pen


WideBody Chrome Grip Pen


Widebody Ice Grip Pen


BIC® Round Stic Ice Pen


Pivo Clear Gold Ring Pen


Pivo Clear Chrome Ring Pen


Pivo Gold Ring Pen


Pivo White Pen with Color Ring


Pivo Navy Pen with Color Ring


Pivo Blue Pen with Color Ring


Pivo Black Pen with Color Ring


Pivo Chrome Ring Pen


BIC® Matic Mechanical Pencil


BIC® Intensity Clic Gel Pen


Bic® Pens | Custom Bic® Advertising Pens

If you’re looking for a way to bolster your advertising sense or your personal event décor and gift ideas, choose from our specialty Bic Pens at Pen Factory. We offer the ultimate in effective cheap advertising and celebrating with promotional pens, as we carry a wide range of custom Bic Pens from which you can choose.

Custom Bic® Pens

Our selection of pens offers a mix of plastic, metal, multifunctional styles, and highlighters that will aid in giving your company increased visibility and will add a special touch to business events and personal parties. As with all event planning strategies, an essential part of them is a budget. We understand your budget needs and thus offer our pens at inexpensive prices to help you stay within your budget parameters. While we offer our pens at affordable prices, we still take pride in the importance of selling high quality goods. Because of our commitment to top quality and providing choices to meet any budget or strategy needs, Pen Factory offers a large pen selection in order to give you the latest in efficient and effective pen marketing.

As the advertising market increases its demand for more promotional goods, Pen Factory works to keep our selections on point with the trends by providing our customers with pens that do more than just write well. The Stylus Bic® pens we carry are a prime option to use when you want to showcase your brand or events in an on trend, multifunctional way. These tools do well to get your details out to all of your consumers and guests by giving them tech pens that work for both professional and personal use. Promoting your business specs with stylus pens provides a technologically sound tool to use for your company to help create more consumer interest in your brand. Stylus pens make great gift options when personalized with names and Anniversary or birth dates, and are also well-suited to be paired with slogans and logos to pinpoint business specifics.

Along with the dual functional capabilities of our stylus pens, we offer several Bic® ballpoint pens and Bic® Clic pens designs that are apt at providing you with countless ways to display them and get your cause noticed by your crowds. Ballpoint pens are a classically designed pen that can serve as a focal point to showcasing your details. To give these timeless styles a fresh boost, you can customize these pens, as well as the others we offer. Design them with a favorite team logo or your business colors to portray whatever eye-appealing personal styles you want. As a further customization option for your pens, we take our time to skillfully imprint your materials with the personal and business details you provide. This personalization process sends the custom imprinted pens from Pen Factory to take their place as one of the top notch marketing engines you can use to promote your cause with sophistication and professionalism.

Bic® Advertising Pens

Adding a jolt of brightness to your Bic® Cristal advertising cheap pens with our inspired stock of products like the Bic® Anthem pens and Bic® Brite Liner Grip highlighters is a simple task that will help set your brand apart from your competitors. Choosing highlighters and vibrant colors to don your pens is an intelligent way to draw even more attention to your brand’s advertising materials at your events and with your personal party décor and gifts. Brightening your materials will also give your personal party favors a festive treat to help get your guests in the party mood. These pen and highlighter products also extend you those essential customization options that will help give your materials the unique and professional touch your brand and events deserve. Your vibrant marketing choices are as numerous as the amount of pens we offer at Pen Factory. Be assured that it is our aim to offer a diverse selection of colors, styles, and designs to help you create the one of a kind party gifts and writing tools you desire to represent yourself.

You can use your custom Bic® pens in any number of ways like tradeshow and prize giveaways, as personal gifts to celebrate family and friends, or as handouts at fundraisers. Pen Factory’s pens assist you with creative, personalized items to help share meaningful memories or important dates and company details. As people take their writing tools with them on the go, using our pens is a strong way to keep your brand’s details or your personal memories close at heart and at hand. As a result of pens’ immensely easy method of transportation and practical usage, they can be given out nearly everywhere whether you have tons of space or barely an at all. They can be packed easily in bags, drinkware, baskets, and tucked inside folders to give you a multitude of ways to store them and to give them away.

Bic® Promotional Pens

Whether for personal or professional use, specialty pens and their personalization designs are things we understand very well here at Pen Factory. Your satisfaction with your promotional wares is our goal and you are guaranteed to get the best quality for an affordable price every time you shop with us. Our custom Bic® pens are available in quantities large enough to get you as many promotional writing tools you need for any of your events. We make our pens affordable, in order to help you continually be able to refresh and restock your advertising and party supplies. Make sure you are prepared for your next company event or personal celebration with writing tools about which your consumers and guests will be eager to use and show off. With our company, you do the choosing and we will do the customization work that gives you the opportunity to most effectively promote yours.