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Promotional Keychains

Whenever you leave your house there is always at least one thing you should have on you: your keys. Whether it's for their house, their car, or some other personal possession, there aren't many other items you can guarantee someone will have besides their keys. Therefore, if you want to provide a promotional product that is sure to get your brand seen on a regular basis, then you should consider personalizing one of our keychain promo products. Bottle openers, classic keyrings and keyrings with lights can all be personalized to feature your branding.

Custom Keychains

One of the most popular and safest gift ideas for men and women are custom keychains. These are not only used for organizing and keeping your keys together, but they are also branding tools, decorative elements, collection items, and fun accessories.

Personalized Keychains

PenFactory.com brings you creative custom key-chains in various shapes and sizes. Key organizers make great marketing or branding tools because people use them on a daily basis to open doors to their cabinets, cars, offices, and homes. They use these handy key rings so frequently, which makes them a perfect tool for you to display your company name or logo.

Whether you are a startup company or an established business, customized keychains are still an effective way to promote your brand or boost brand awareness. If you want to veer away from conventional designs, we offer brass and plastic customized key chains that feature additional functions such as light and whistle, house measure, bottle openers, Swiss Army knives, and carabiners.

The added feature means more exposure for your company as the owner will be using this more often. Aside from the company logo and name, you can also add your brand message or contact information on the plate. Aside from branding purposes, custom keychains are also a tool to help strengthen uniformity and corporate culture.

With your logo printed on it, you can distribute it in schools, churches, or organizations. Students and organization members would proudly use it to let others know that they belong to this community. PenFactory.com can accommodate customization requests as we have a wide range of fonts, colors, and styles to choose from.

Promotional Keychains with Your Logo

We do your artwork for free. We understand how important brand consistency is for companies and we value accuracy at work, this is why we also offer virtual proofs prior to production and shipping. This is a feature that allows you to see how your order would look like before we process them.

You can ensure that you get the correct designs based on your specifications before we ship them to you. For companies who will be ordering large amounts that will exceed $100 for their corporate giveaways, you can take advantage of the free shipping within the continental United States.

Personalized keychain advertising will help your company create a leading presence among consumers during all of your marketing adventures. Pen Factory’s custom made keychain collection encompasses a varied mix of designs and functionalities, providing you with options that are certain to appease your marketing regime.

Our customizable keychains host features like whistles, lights, photographs, and bottle openers, all of which make for strong options to represent your business in a unique way. These promotional keychains are available in bulk, giving your brand’s cheap promotional keychain routine an eclectic overhaul.

Get in on the business logo keychains advertising scheme with ideas from our plastic keychains and custom metal keychain choices. Going for the gold (and silver) is a winning effort with our personalized metal keychains. These options are solid choices for treating consumers to a timelessly efficient giveaway for them to use time and time again. Our metal keychain designs boast classic finishes and are sturdy enough to help consumers navigate your company’s name throughout their journeys.

Personalized Picture Keychains

Plastic keychain marketing is a worthy strategy to use as well for handouts at sporting events and fairs for its simplicity. Our lightweight plastic keychains get a professional addition with imprinted details from your company. Your brand can focus your marketing efforts on the top-notch status and sideline the status quo advertising scene by letting our metal and plastic keychains do some of the work for you. Remember, our keychain products available are to help you market more efficiently, not harder!

We truly do have a little something for everyone when it comes to our specialty keychain collection. Keychains with flashlights and whistles are encouraging giveaways at events for their added functional and specialty aspects. With led light features and whistles, these specialty keychains are more than capable of being displayed with your business’ rhetoric. Along with these keychains, we also supply bottle opener keychains, carabiner keychains, and tape measurer keychains