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Promotional Calendars

It is important to keep track of your upcoming events and responsibilities, or you risk having your days simply wash over you. This is why having calendars and desk organizers are a great tool in nearly anyone's arsenal. By staying organized, you can be prepared for whatever you have to face next, and make sure you aren't blindsided by your commitments. For business clients, students and many other audiences, personalized calendars and desk organizers is an impactful promo product that will be sure to rely on for the foreseeable future.

2021 Promotional Calendars

What is a better way to get a daily boost in brand exposure than with your custom imprint on a personalized wall calendar? Promotional calendar products make excellent gifts for anyone, from prospects to loyal customers and even your own employees. They’re an especially great way to end or begin the year with a powerful push. While recipients enjoy the beauty and convenience of their new wall calendar or desk calendar, your personalized imprint will enjoy an entire year of being displayed in several homes and offices.

Make Each Day Count

When your information is added to one of our promotional wall calendars, you can be sure that your message is seen each and every day of the year. A wall calendar is an affordable and efficient way to increase your value in customers’ day-to-day lives. A personalized desk calendar that stands on its own and can easily be placed anywhere is a wonderful employee gift item to help your business start each year off right. These custom gifts show the month at a glance, so users can easily keep track of important dates and plan ahead—all while regularly being reminded of your business.

At Pen Factory, we’re proud to offer a new wider selection of custom promotional wall calendars to meet your needs! Our calendars feature stunning images printed on high-quality paper stock with a glossy finish and sleek stapled binding. All eyes will certainly be on these gifts!

We’ve made sure to include something for every business, too. Our animal-themed calendars are perfect for pet care brands and veterinary offices. Fitness centers, life coaches, or mental health providers will enjoy sharing the everyday inspiration of our Healthy Lifestyles or Achieve wall calendars with clients. Scenic calendars, perfect for travel agencies, resorts, and more, will take you everywhere from beautiful beaches and flourishing gardens to breathtaking settings across North America and beyond. Looking for something for your church or religious group? We have religious calendars specially designed for the Catholic and Jewish faiths! You’ll even find a patriotic calendar; a smart choice for special holiday promotions or for a brand that just wants to show some American pride.

Browse our selection and you’ll see, there truly is something for everyone!

Add Years to Your Business

Your logo plus a cheap custom calendar will always equal better business longevity. It is one simple gift that will be a year-round reminder of your brand, both for recipients and for the people close to them. Hand calendars out at community events, trade shows, and more to help your business get into more homes. Use them as a thank-you gift and customers and clients will soon be looking forward to your business wall calendars year after year.

No matter which you choose, with your custom wall calendar your brand is sure to grow in recognition, appreciation, and influence with every day of the year.